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PREREGISTRATION: ARRI Certified Training for SRH-3

2018-10-24 23:50 ¥9720

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ARRI SRH-3认证培训



  • 摄影师

  • 遥控头操作人员和技术人员

  • 任何经验水平的摄影机操作员及稳定器系统操作员

  • 租赁公司移动、机械组成员



  • 了解万向节和SRH-3的特性和工作语言

  • 了解万向节稳定系统的物理原则和操作

  • 准备用于SRH-3的ARRI摄影机系统及附件

  • 了解用于高级配置的软件和GUI应用程序

  • 如何设置和调整SRH-3

  • 学习使用SRH-3的控制板和轮子套件对摄影机的移动进行远程控制

  • 在不同的系统和配置中使用SRH-3

  • 排练,拍攝与录制测试影片,将学习到的新技能应用到SRH-3的实际操作中



课程将向您详细介绍ARRI 摄影机稳定器系统(CSS)的历史和发展情况,了解平台和SRH-3的特点和工作语言。 每名参与者将完全使用SRH-3和ARRI摄影机系统。 您将进行排练,拍摄和录制测试影片以供参考和提高。 参与者在学习中将被引导到一些常用的配置和场景中,并探索使用SRH-3尝试进行更多种类的配置,以适应不同的拍摄和需求中。

每个课程最多可有4人参加。 所有学员将会使用一套完整的ARRI摄影机系统和ARRI稳定遥控头。这将确保每个人都有足够的实践机会去使用设备以及向导师面对面学习。

课程时长:1.5 天




阅读 ARRI的相关 条款与细则 和 隐私声明


问: 我的报名或者说培训资格可以转让给他人使用吗?

答: 可以。

问: 培训费还包含了其它哪些内容?

答: 包含午餐、点心和饮料,包含学员使用的培训资料、U盘等。

问: 有学生优惠价吗?

答: 有。请将您的学生证扫描件或是类似的证明文件扫描件发送到academy@arri.cn,我们会为您提供一个优惠码。

问: 两天的培训期中,我的住宿问题如何解决?

答: 住宿需要您自行安排。

问: 退款条款是怎样的?

答: 距培训开始5天之前,学员都有权申请退款。

  • 距培训开始14天或更长时间之前申请退款不会收取任何注销费。

  • 距培训开始6天或更长时间但不足14天申请退款的,将收取培训费总额的25%作为注销费。

  • 距培训开始5天或5天之内不接受退款申请。


问: 如果我有疑问,应该如何联系组织方?

答: 请发送邮件至academy@arri.cn或拨打电话+86 10 59009680。

订阅新闻邮件: http://www.arri.com/newsletter

ARRI Certified Training for SRH-3

This one and a half day training course covers all aspects of working with the full capabilities of the Stabilized Remote Head. You will be given the opportunity to enhance your knowledge of stabilization principles, remote head and gimbal technology and support systems and deepen your practical skills. Experienced professionals will detail the many possibilities the ARRI Camera Stabilizer Systems have to offer, giving you expert advice and hands-on training. At the end of the course you will come away with a certificate indicating your complete understanding how to set-up and operate the SRH-3 and use it to its full potential in real-world situations.

Who should attend

  • DOPs

  • Remote head operators and technicians

  • Camera operators and gimbal operators of any experience level

  • Grip crew of rental hourse


What you will learn

  • Understanding the features and working language of gimbals and SRH-3

  • Learn the physics and operation of gimbal stabilization systems

  • Preparing the ARRI camera systems and accessories for use on the SRH-3

  • Get to know the software and GUI applications for advanced configurations

  • How to setup and adjust the SRH-3

  • Learn to use the SRH-3 control board and wheel kit to control camera movement remotely

  • Explore the SRH-3 in different support systems and configurations

  • Rehearse, shoot and record test shots to apply your new skills with the SRH-3 



You will be provided with a detailed introduction to the history and development of ARRI CSS and understand the features and working language of gimbals and the SRH-3. Each participant will work directly with a SRH-3 and complete ARRI camera system. You will rehearse, shoot and record practice shots for review. Participants will be introduced to typical on-set situations and explore the different set-up considerations experimenting with alternative configurations using the modularity of the SRH-3 to suit individual setups.

A maximum of 4 participants can attend each course. A complete ARRI camera system and ARRI stabilized remote head will be provided for all students. This will ensure that everyone gets sufficient practical experience working with the system and instructors. 

Duration: 1,5 days

Trainer: Zhong Botai

Language: Chinese

For more information, contact us at:

ARRI Academy

+86 10 59009680


The SRH-3 is a three-axis fully stabilized remote head allowing for cameras to go where no person can, with increased flexibility and ease.


Please read the General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Declaration of Arnold & Richter Cine Technik GmbH & Co. Betriebs KG.


Q: Is my registration/my ticket transferable?

A: Yes, you can transfer your ticket either to another event in the same country or to a friend. There will be an event tranfer charge.

Q: What else is included in the ticket price?

A: Your ticket includes lunch, snacks, drinks, a folder with printed participant documents, and a very nice giveaway bag.

Q: What are the conditions for refunds?

A: The participant shall have a right to withdraw from the contract up to 5 calendar days before the start of the event. 

  • No cancellation charges up to 14 calendar days or more before the start of the event.

  • Cancellation charges amounting to 25% of the event fees up to 6 calendar days or more, but lesser than 14, before the start of the event.

  • The full participation fee is due 5 calendar days before the start of the event.

See Clause 4 in the GTC


Q: How can I contact the organizers if I have questions?

A: Email: academy@arri.cn or Tel.: +86 10 59009680


Newsletter-Registration: http://www.arri.com/newsletter

ARRI Certified Training for SRH-3, April

时间 Date and Time

2018-10-25 10:00 - 开始

2018-10-26 13:00 - 结束

地点 Location
  • 中国 上海 闵行区
  • 吴泾镇龙吴路4221号 桥映像上海办公室

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